350 years on

350 years on from the Great Fire of 1666 which destroyed four fifths of London, we were invited by St Paul’s Cathedral to create both an ident and a campaign for their own commemoration.

Given the length of the ‘Out of the Fire’ commemoration, the need to attract visitors throughout the year, and the way that the events varied (especially around the exact anniversary in September), we carved the campaign into three periods: (i) the Spark; (ii) the Inferno; and (iii) the Phoenix. The following posters appeared in and around the cathedral, at tourist information centres, online and in various magazines.

We also created a series of ‘Phoenix’ posters to symbolise the ‘Out of the Fire’ commemoration as a whole; these vary in colour as we move from one phase to the next.

A story about the phoenix…

In the rebuilding of St Paul’s after the Great Fire, the old site had to be cleared of charred rubble, and new foundations set out. One day, Christopher Wren was on site and sent a labourer to fetch a stone to use as a marker. He came back with a fragment of broken tombstone; on it was carved the Latin word ‘resurgam’. (“I shall rise again”.) This same stone can be seen today above the door of the South Transept.

Next time you’re passing the South Transept at St Paul’s, look up…
This stone phoenix above the door of the South Transept

So you found us!
We think it’s a sign…

As we see it, the fact that you stumbled on this column means one of two things.

Either you’re a curious and discerning soul who spotted the little arrow. Or you’re here because someone else tipped you off — and so you probably know someone who knows us.

Either way, we see it as a good sign and want to give you a little ‘something’ right now.

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