An actor’s tales

Actor Robert Gillespie has launched his new book Are You Going to do That Little Jump? at the St Paul’s Centre in Hammersmith. During the evening Robert signed copies, chatted with guests and read two extracts from the book which celebrates a pivotal time in British theatre.

Keeping the guests entertained, he went on to recount tales from the Old Vic working with the likes of Richard Burton and Claire Bloom, and shared experiences from the 1970s sitcoms in which he starred, during a fascinating question and answer session.

With an acting career spanning seven decades and counting, it has been an enlightening experience working with Robert bringing his memoirs to fruition in the form of a special limited edition book. From the cellar, from the attic—saved by a miracle—treasures came to light, which were photographed to illustrate this rich addition to an ‘old actor telling tales’.

We’re in exciting times in book publishing as over 30% of the top 100 books on Amazon are now self-published and more than 18 million of the books bought by UK readers last year were written by indie authors.*

The product of a natural born storyteller, Are You Going to That Little Jump is racy and it’s pacy—with a hint of more to come!

Find out more about the book

* Source Huffington Post

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