An evening at Lord’s

Last week fellow collaborators Paul, Julian, Rob and I, attended the Cross British Sports book awards at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Our book, parkrun: A Celebration, was short listed for the prestigious illustrated book of the year. It was a great evening and a chance to meet lots of other creative types and rub shoulders with some sporting superstars. Unfortunately we didn’t win our category (that went to The Age of Innocence, Football in the 1970s) but were very proud just being there to represent the parkrun book, which is a 120-page tribute to its first 10 years. What began in October 2004 with thirteen runners in Bushy Park is now a global phenomenon that continues to grow apace. We set out to bring this rare story to life with interviews, vox pop and photos from all corners of the world, and celebrate the very capacity of sport to change lives and build communities – in often touching and unexpected ways.

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