Open for business

Taking a step back to move forward, we began the task of creating a new brochure for Unique Venues of London by asking two fundamental questions; what does bringing together 86 individual venues across London actually mean and what are the benefits?

We found the answers to these questions by playing with numbers. Not always a designer’s favourite subject, we discovered that by adding up all the collective assets and combined experience, we were able to generate impressive facts which we turned into typographic features to populate and thread the publication together.

For example, as a collective Unique Venues of London offers 25 venues on the banks of the River Thames, 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 50 places with gardens or outdoor space. These and other ‘fabulous facts’ were published alongside images of all the venues and handy events planning tools including a matrix of the key event types and facilities on offer.

Demonstrating that London is open for business, the new brochure will be used at exhibitions, meetings and networking events.

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