Where ideas come from

Ever wondered how good ideas happen and why you can’t generate them on demand?

Well, according to Steven Johnson you are not alone in that feeling because good ideas aren’t really ‘light bulb’ moments that happen in an instant. A good idea often begins as a hunch that needs to marinate over time before bumping into another stored hunch to enable that breakthrough eureka moment. Captivating stuff, brilliantly rendered and animated.

Now put your feet up – that great idea will emerge. Sooner or later.

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Either you’re a curious and discerning soul who spotted the little arrow. Or you’re here because someone else tipped you off — and so you probably know someone who knows us.

Either way, we see it as a good sign and want to give you a little ‘something’ right now.

We invite you to:

Have a peek at this great article that inspired a recent blog. (And see 15 clever logos with genius hidden meanings.)

Take a look at this ‘briefing prompt list’ — so you can hit the ground running with your chosen creative agency *

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