What we do


Quite simply, we bring ideas to life. From that very first concept all the way through to final production, our design solutions bear fruit and deliver tangible benefits by transforming perceptions and influencing behaviour. Deeply held beliefs and principles — coupled with a three-stage process inherent in our business name — guide us to achieve positive outcomes.


T is for Think

This is the start of everything, where we take a step back and enable people to see things afresh. It’s where we turn hunches into tangible ideas ready for development.

We ask all kinds of questions:

• How are we going to take a wish from here to there?
• What do we need to equip us?
• How far can we push the boundaries?
• What are we up against?

It’s also about creating a space to see, connect, explore, become inspired, challenge and plan.


C is for Create

This is when we arrive at solutions and then build them. Working from a brief, we apply our creative skills to solve problems and turn the conceptual into the tangible.

Our solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Anything from brand identity and advertising campaigns… to design for print (including brochures, multi-lingual guidebooks and orientation material)… to exhibition design and interpretation work… to web development and digital solutions.


E is for Engage

Effective design is transformative; through the power of engagement, we generate positive outcomes.

As many of our clients tend to ‘sell’ places and experiences, it means our priority — on many projects — is to increase footfall and to enhance a visitor’s experience by revealing the essence and magic of a place. At one level, we inspire people to ‘be there’ with a great idea. At a deeper level, we create enduring bonds between people and places in all areas of our built and natural environment.

That said, we are used to applying our design skills to a wide mix of client types. From business-to-business to retail, from educational to charities and the creative arts. What our clients have in common is a desire to have a breakthrough in their communications. This we’re equipped to do in a variety of ways.

Tailoring our team
Based by the Thames at Teddington Lock, we have built a network of creative talent around our core team; this includes brand strategists, copywriters, interpretation specialists, photographers, illustrators, programmers and video producers. This means we are always able to tailor our creative team to suit your project needs.

Put us to the test and we’ll show you how.


So you found us!
We think it’s a sign…

As we see it, the fact that you stumbled on this column means one of two things.

Either you’re a curious and discerning soul who spotted the little arrow. Or you’re here because someone else tipped you off — and so you probably know someone who knows us.

Either way, we see it as a good sign and want to give you a little ‘something’ right now.

We invite you to:

Have a peek at this great article that inspired a recent blog. (And see 15 clever logos with genius hidden meanings.)

Take a look at this ‘briefing prompt list’ — so you can hit the ground running with your chosen creative agency *

* Send us this briefing prompt list back to us completed and we’ll come back to you with a free ‘taster’ call.